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About Push

So many people talk about how beautiful pregnancy, birth and motherhood are, but few tell us that it can be the hardest thing we’ve ever done. We don’t have as many conversations about not feeling like you’re doing everything perfectly and it creates the expectation that we have to be like the parent that seems to have it all. The truth is, none of us know what we are doing, it’s okay to not be okay, and comparison robs us of our value as a person and a parent.

One in five birthing people struggle during pregnancy or postpartum with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues that impact their way of life. That’s not to mention the emotional toll of infertility, the immense pain of pregnancy and infant loss, and the roller coaster that comes with raising children into adults. Although this feeling is lonely, you do not have to do this alone. Reaching out for support is not weakness, but it is strength. You are in the right place. Push is a practice of counselors and coaches that are passionate about supporting parents because of our journeys serving moms and birthing people and becoming parents and caretakers in one way or another.

Even if you go no further, we are proud of you for taking the first step just to see what resources exist. It feels overwhelming and maybe scary, but our job is to simply help remind you of your value as an individual and your worth as a mother. We want you to feel you’re in a place of no judgment and no shame. Your feelings matter and although you’re not okay now, we look forward to walking with you on journey from surviving to thriving. You can do this!